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Through Early Yellowstone

Adventuring by Bicycle, Covered Wagon, Foot, Horseback, and Skis

This anthology of travel stories takes readers from the expedition of 1870 through 1916, when cars were allowed into the park. The adventurers include an intrepid mother who posted the sign “July 4th, Park or Bust” on her family’s covered wagon, a round-the-world cyclist, a hiker who walked the Grand Loop Road for fun, an expert guide on skis, and a New York horsewoman. Along with numerous historical photos, engravings, and maps, the book features watercolors from 1884 by Thomas H. Thomas.

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Elizabeth Chapple <>
Foreword Reviews 2016 INDIES Honorable Mention: Travel; Finalist: Adventure & Recreation
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Canada and United States
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Ray Stannard Baker, Nathaniel P. Langford, Elwood Hofer, Anne Bosworth Greene, Frank D. Lenz, Janet Chapple (editor), and Thomas H. Thomas (illustrator)
Granite Peak Publications
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Jun 1, 2016
Our Review
Stories and graphics combine to make "Through Early Yellowstone" a beautiful, informative, and highly entertaining read. Before the completion of the Northern Pacific Railway line through Montana Territory in 1883, access to Yellowstone Park was extremely limited. Its pristine wilderness remained... Read More