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Narada's Children

A Visionary Tale of Two Cities

In the Horn of Africa, a man walks alone in the desert, with no food or water. He encounters a woman named Hohete who takes him to her father’s house in the ancient and mysterious walled city of Ja’Usu, whose patriarchs invite the stranger to tell a story. Narada’s narrative will be told over the course of seven nights. He deeply influences the entire community. Narada’s Children weaves together two distinct stories in a fantastical illustration of the spiritual act of becoming.

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2016 Foreword Reviews INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalist: Religious Fiction and OZMA Awards Finalist List for 2016 - Chanticleer Book Awards
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Woody Carter
Sleepingman's Books
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Jan 1, 2016
Our Review (5 out of 5 stars)
Narada’s Children is an exceptional reminder that the past is alive within us, and that all of our actions stand to resonate far beyond our own lives. Woody Carter’s Narada’s Children is a transcendent novel in which a mysterious man wanders out of the desert and into a complex human story... Read More