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Living the Locavore Lifestyle

Hunting, Fishing, Gathering Wild Fruit and Nuts, Growing a Garden, and Raising Chickens toward a More Sustainable and Healthy Way of Living

Award-winning outdoor writer Bruce Ingram and his wife Elaine explain how they have enjoyed a healthy diet and lifestyle for many years by hunting, fishing, raising heritage chickens, growing fruits and vegetables, and foraging in the forests around their Southwest Virginia home. In 25 chapters, the Ingram's show how to hunt/prepare wild game; how to catch fresh water fish; how to gather wild berries, nuts, and mushrooms; and much more. Featuring dozens of tasty, healthful recipes.

Elaine Ingram and Bruce Ingram
Secant Publishing
Publication Date
Mar 13, 2016
Our Review (4 out of 5 stars)
This collection of practical advice will appeal to the widening circle of readers who want to be more active in raising, foraging, and hunting their own foods. "Living the Locavore Lifestyle", by Bruce and Elaine Ingram, provides a good survey of the many ways the couple puts food on their table.... Read More