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2010 Finalist for Pets

Book Review

I Love Happy Cats

by Jeff Fleischer

Animal behavior counselor Anneleen Bru explains her approach to raising felines in "I Love Happy Cats". With focus on the habits and behaviors of the domestic cat’s wild ancestor, the African wild cat, it includes suggestions for... Read More

2016 BRONZE Winner for Pets & Animals


Purrfect Books for Cat Lovers

by Hannah Hohman

As any cat person knows, cats and reading go hand in hand. You settle down in your chair, maybe you have a cup of tea beside you, crack open your book with a satisfied sigh, and lo and behold, you’ve got a cat on your lap. Well, your... Read More

2021 Finalist for Picture Books

2010 Finalist for Pets

2016 Finalist for Pets & Animals

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