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Cancer Doc: Patients Can Take Control

by Howard Lovy

As we’ve seen in our focus on cancer this month, there are many ways patients can cope with cancer diagnosis and treatment. What many do not know is that they can also control what their medical team does about it. Dr. David Palma is a... Read More


Screw Cancer and the Sugar It Rode In On

by Matt Sutherland

My father died of cancer at 53. My mother barely survived breast cancer at 45. And like a dutiful son, I caught the cancer bug last year at 53—stage 4 throat cancer—it’s a family thing. Lots and lots of families. One hundred years... Read More


A Community Conquers Cancer Together

by Howard Lovy

Cancer does not care how tough you are or if you are sensitive to the pain of treatment. How a cancer patient copes, though, depends very much on those around her, from nurses and doctors to family and friends. They help set the tone for... Read More

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