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Charlie's Web

Jonathan was panting right into my ear, so when I felt a funny tingle all over my body, I thought it was just a reaction to that. The feeling was so strange that I opened my... Read More

Book Review

Catch and Keep

Writers often need a distraction to alleviate writer’s block, but most would settle for something less than a double murder. That, however, is our hero’s unchosen antidote... Read More

Book Review


Dataman has a great premise: Take a computer geek, a guy running his own computerized information-gathering company, and have him work with the cops. The cops, of course, have... Read More

Book Review

Framework for Death

The mystery genre is prominent for its odd and seemingly endless variety of sleuths, from cops and private investigators to medical examiners and forensic anthropologists, with... Read More

Book Review

Cheat The Devil

Cat Austen may be the only heroine in mystery fiction who guiltily hopes someone will be murdered so that she won’t have to take a romantic trip with her boyfriend. Cat gets... Read More