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A Fine Excess

The editors have mined enough lyrical gems—in poetry, prose, and short fiction—to decorate a fine literary crown. The premise behind the collection is Keats ideal of “a... Read More

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Weaver’s blue-collar background still shows in some of his poems. He spent fifteen years working in a factory before returning to college, eventually earning a M.F.A. and... Read More

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Do not presume to anticipate the course of these deft poems. Rather, know that each one acts as ballast against lyric predictability, nailing the dimwitted reader and the expert... Read More

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Mulroney & Others

All the characters in this volume of poetry, whether the author created them or not, have a commonality of realness, in the sense that they evoke a personal, human truth.... Read More

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Garden of Exile

For one whose bread and butter is earned with words, Rodriguez practices a determined suspicion about the power they posses. In her poem “Why I would rather be a Painter,”... Read More

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“We all live in fear of shoreless feelings,” and in Halme’s second book of poems she attempts to provide these shores. Most prominent is Halme’s sensual commitment to... Read More