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The End of Gender

This erudite review of multiple enactments of gender in the wake of “pomo,” or postmodern, theory is an impressive tour de force. Dedicated to “sexual nonconformists and... Read More

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An Actor's Work

Widely considered to be one of the greatest acting teachers in history, Konstantin Stanislavski inspired a “method” that is still taught today, nearly ninety years after its... Read More

Book Review

The Medicine Line

“The word medicine among Northern Plains tribes applied to objects supposed to have magical influence or mysterious power,” writes LaDow. The medicine line is a 100-mile... Read More

Book Review

Classic Country

Currently, country music is synonymous in most people’s minds with Nashville. During its formative years, however, from the 1920s through the 1940s, the music flourished in... Read More

Book Review

Rough Medicine

“If a young doctor wished to see the world and study nature while he saved the money to set up in a private practice, life on a South Seaman could have seemed quite... Read More

Book Review

King Arthur

The dark ages. A period in history that brings to mind kings, castles and dragons. A time in the period of history of England where the myth of Arthur was born. Castledon... Read More

Book Review

Falling In Love

Pinning down love’s light wings and examining what makes them soar is what psychologist Pines does in her tenth book. Concentrating only on romantic love—“the hunting... Read More

Book Review

God and the Gun

Kurt Vonnegut once said that everything he had written could be neatly boiled down to a single sentence. After a broad confession like that, a person might respond: Why bother... Read More

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