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Books We've Reviewed from Poisoned Pen Press

Book Review

Night Kill

A lion as a murder weapon? That’s what zookeeper Iris Oakley gradually comes to believe as she tries to fathom why her husband, Rick—who promised her he’s quit... Read More

Book Review

Blood and Circuses

Many agree that prolific Agatha Christie led the Golden Age of the Mystery in the early twentieth century. Immediately reminiscent of a Christie mystery, Blood and Circuses by... Read More

Book Review

Witch Cradle

The year is 1951, at the height of the Korean Conflict, the McCarran Internal Security Act, and the McCarthy Hearings. John McIntire, Town Constable of St. Adele, Michigan wakes... Read More

Book Review

Desert Wives

The sun-baked Southwestern desert is also a land of shadows and secrets. Among the secrets are compounds of polygamists hidden in rugged canyons. When Scottsdale P.I. Lena Jones... Read More

Book Review

Two for Joy

It is sixth century Constantinople. Justinian I is the ruler of the Roman Empire, which is under constant external threat from Persia. Inside the empire factions of charioteers,... Read More

Book Review

False Images

Leone Fleming, a young English art restorer, must take the stripping rag to her own life to uncover the forgeries of affection in her family. She suffers from a recurring guilty... Read More

Book Review

Old Wounds

The setup may seem like typical mystery fare: Gillian is home on sabbatical to take care of her aging mother; Gillian’s boyfriend works for Scotland yard; a girl is found... Read More