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Book Review

From Whence

Throughout his collection of poems "From Whence", Chitwood seems bent on disproving fellow Southern poet Allen Tate who once wrote, “The typical southern conversation is not... Read More

Book Review

Hearts of Darkness

Southern writers have never had a monopoly on mental distress or journeys to the dark side, but they certainly have the pedigree. Southern literature of all types has long... Read More

Book Review

Useless Virtues

Is it possible that a poet writes in order to perplex a reader? To ask questions, or tell stories, without necessarily sorting it out for him or herself? It seems that this... Read More

Book Review

Fire Shadows

In this poetic memoir, the author seeks to find the source of her daughter’s mental illness through the vehicle of lineage. Writing through three generations of family... Read More

Book Review

Necessary Kindling

The necessary kindling is what ignites, and in the title poem it begins this way: “when she awakens, / she remembers / the shape of her own breath, / pressing it / into the... Read More

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