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Legacies of Love

Like so many important research efforts, Legendary Love began with a passion for the truth. Author Winston Wilde recalls watching the TV show *Hawaii Five-0 as a teen and being... Read More

Book Review

Chasing Adonis

Gay, straight, or otherwise, anyone who picks up a fashion magazine or flips on the television once in a while is probably familiar with the “mainstream” gay male prototype... Read More

Book Review

Identity Envy

Rainbow just might be the new black. Pop stars declare their queerness in People magazine; aesthetically challenged heterosexuals are rescued by a bevy of primetime queens; and... Read More

Book Review


Reinaldo Arenas, a supporter of Castro’s revolution against the corrupt Batista regime, suffered torment by the Castro regime for his writing, which was smuggled out of Cuba... Read More

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Most men, including gay men, when in the presence of effeminate gay men, look at them with nervous disdain, even disgust. Masculine gay men often find sissies as distasteful, if... Read More

Book Review

Rebel Yell

America’s gay community extends far beyond the gay meccas of LA’s West Hollywood, New York’s West Village, and San Francisco’s Castro District to all sections of the... Read More

Book Review

One of the Boys

“Poofter” is hardly a common term in American English, but “faggot” is. Both refer to an effeminate homosexual male. More importantly, while one is British and the other... Read More

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