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The Hands of Day

If we believe the ancient Greeks, the poet is a maker, “poet” being derived from the Greek poiesis: making. In "The Hands of Day", beloved Chilean poet and Nobel Laureate... Read More

Book Review

Factory of Tears

The Factory of Tears is a real place in Valzhyna Mort’s eponymous collection of poems. In fact, its productivity rate is higher than the Department of Transportation, the... Read More

Book Review

Apropos of Nothing

These poems offer an everyday world made strange by yearning, attention, and what is either a delightfully whimsical invention or some curious acquaintances. Is his endodontist... Read More

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“Mosca no entra en boca cerrada.” (Flies don’t enter a closed mouth.) Everyone who grows up in Spain starts out conscious life with a collection of such dichos... Read More

Book Review

The Silk Dragon

These delicate poems, charged with a sense of serenity that seems incredible to modern sensibilities, cast images of an almost mythic world—formal and austere, yet infused... Read More

Book Review

Spring Essence

A conscientious objector, translator Balaban; an eighteenth century concubine and poet, Ho Xuân Huong; and a linguist from New York University, Dr. Ngô Thanh Nhàn; have... Read More

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