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Book Review

How Men Pray

Of the many risks that poets may choose, this one opts—unusually—for quietness. These poems speak in an understated, direct voice, with few verbal flourishes or tricks with... Read More

Book Review

The Ordinary Sublime

These poems contain that feeling of inevitability only possible in retrospect. The poet is in control as she reflects on a failed marriage and its accoutrements; for example,... Read More

Book Review

Singular Bodies

“Love, what we’ve lived through together / has not killed us yet” are the words of a woman who has lived raw and close to death. The author, a long time AIDS educator,... Read More

Book Review

House on Fontanka

“I know that when the storm of Lenin and Stalin came / to outrage itself, poet masses left and Akhmatova / alone remained,” writes Braggs in the title poem of his latest... Read More

Book Review

Three-Legged Dog

The pose Caswell strikes most often is that of a maimed but tough survivor, like his three-legged dog. Rarely pretty, often slightly warped and quirkily funny, these poems... Read More