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Winner of the 2011 Sawtooth Poetry Prize, selected by Paul Hoover, Karen Rigby’s debut collection simmers with disquiet and the cosmopolitan smarts of one who may be so... Read More

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67 Mixed Messages

In this volume, the author adds a new name to the catalogue of women immortalized in poetry. In response to Homer’s Helen and Shakespeare’s wired-haired mistress, Allen... Read More

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In No One's Land

“From / the farm you wrote: when I used to live in the Mountains. / Used is one word that makes me tired. It is almost like lying / down,” writes the author. In her verse,... Read More

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case sensitive

This book is as much about paying respects as it is about forging ahead—an ideal combination for a debut collection. The author adds grains of literary wisdom to accompany her... Read More

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This collection of poems demonstrates how creative restrictions are not always drawbacks. The poet’s first section, “Tambourine,” adheres to pi mnemonics: the number of... Read More

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Corpus Socius

To search for meaning here would be to negate the many meanings possible within this volume. Readers are not meant to construct meaning in the typically linear fashion. Instead,... Read More