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What Makes Girls Sick and Tired

What Makes Girls Sick and Tired cover


And the Hit Lit goes to What Makes Girls Sick and Tired, an illustrated run down of the most egregious discrimination, sexual violence, and sexist commentary targeting women young and old. The fact is, life for women is dangerous in ways most men scarcely imagine. But men also knowingly perpetuate a system of double standards, unfair expectations, subservient roleplaying, and just plain petty misbehavior against the opposite sex, seemingly for sport. You should care because What Makes Girls Sick and Tired champions a refreshed brand of feminism, endorsing an attitude that forcefully challenges the sexism women confront everyday. With example after maddening example, it is impossible to read this project without imagining the day when, fully fed up, all women join hands and refuse to let go until men come begging for forgiveness. Order this book by the dozen.

What Makes Girls Sick and Tired

Lucile de Pesloüan, Geneviève Darling, illustrator

Second Story Press, Softcover $13.95 (56pp)


Matt Sutherland

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