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Time Travel Romance: Timeless Escape

Time Travel Romance

On a bad day, nothing is more comforting than traveling vicariously to the waiting arms of a lover who lives in another century. That makes sense… to aficionados of time travel romance. Disruptions of contemporary society fade into temporary oblivion, overshadowed by a world far removed from reality. A scholar may assert that answers to today’s problems can be found by studying history. Learn from mistakes; repeat long-lasting good. Or, better yet, disappear into the past with an agenda… and a date.

An explanation is helpful but not required. Far-fetched story? Not a problem, for it is the experience, not the plausibility, that matters in a romantic subgenre known for its leniency in accepting incredible plot devices. Psychic elements often infiltrate these novels, lifting characters from the commercialized realm of laboratory machines and scientific portals. Instead, these spooky tales transport adventurous protagonists to other dimensions via astral projection or manipulation of the mind. Inexplicable and strange, moving from place to place takes on new meaning.

Nothing is more appealing than finding an alternate plane where exhilaration and passion, often missing in day-to-day existence, renew the will to live. This is a space where few can follow, similar to a trek into uncharted land—not a journey for the timid. And if the trip is a bad one, returning to everyday life is always an option… providing the capsule door will open again, that is.

For lovers who enjoy the quest, these imaginative releases for 2015 will delight the thrill seeker looking for an irresistible entry into another time.

haunted warrior

Haunted Warrior by Allie Mackay (Gruenwald Corporation)

An American ghost whisperer encounters Scotland’s ancient, mythic legacy in this supernatural tale that dares to mix two popular subgenres of romance—paranormal and time travel—into a dramatic escapade that crosses hazardous boundaries. In the first book of the Highlander Ghostbuster series, an excavation has opened the door to another period, and a regional Scot needs to save his village from further disturbance in order to quiet disrupted spirits.


Intertwine by Nichole Van (Fiorenza Publishing)

Disappointed with the contemporary dating scene, a lonely woman obsesses over the photograph of an attractive dead man in an old locket and travels to England to research his life. Waking up on his estate in 1812 may be her dream come true, but her hero remains officially deceased in 2012. Van portrays two adventurers stranded on the brink of a time warp in this romantic escapade.

turn the page

Turn the Page by Ditter Kellen (DK Media)

A wealthy woman remains unfulfilled and seeks solace in the arms of a banished lord in 1767. Accused of treason, this royal lover combats problems that rival her own unhappy past in this first installment of Kellen’s Turn the Page series. An old book is the catalyst, opening a pathway to transcendent affinity, if they can learn to trust each other.

timeless heart

Timeless Heart by Karyn Gerrard (KG Publishing)

In this playful romp a burned out teacher encounters a Regency era hunk from Cornwall, England, near an isolated carriage in the woods—circa 1821. This historical hero elicits a different kind of stress in Gerrard’s sexy, lighthearted tale. A fantasy lover has walked into her contemporary world, but will he stay?

isabella’s airman

Isabella’s Airman by Sofia Grey (Hartwood Publishing)

In the second book of Grey’s Out of Time series, an academic embarks on a treacherous mission. World War II is her destination. Under instruction not to get involved, she meets a rear-gunner destined to die and falls in love. Saving his life will alter the course of history with no guarantee of a positive outcome for their relationship.

color of time

The Color of Time by Julianne MacLean (Julianne MacLean Publishing)

In the ninth book of MacLean’s best-selling The Color of Heaven series, a sensitive woman relives a summer of adolescent love at a seaside town. Tender and genuine, this spiritual journey allows the past and present to meet in creative ways. Featuring an awakening of the heart and a psychological healing, this sophisticated plot melds time travel and inspirational romance into an enlightening, mind-bending story.

ancient ties

Ancient Ties by Jane Leopold Quinn (Jane Leopold Quinn)

A gold bracelet propels a woman two thousand years back in time to a Roman villa and the arms of a weary soldier. Quinn’s sensual novel portrays an independent heroine overcoming the pain of a broken relationship in an unfamiliar environment—a rebound vacation lover teetering on the fringes of mystical ruins rather than succumbing to a meltdown—exciting and exotic.

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