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Mission and genres: “Fig Tree Books publishes novels (including YA) and nonfiction (including memoirs) that chronicle and enlighten the beautiful and sometimes challenging mosaic of the American Jewish Experience.”

Founder and Publisher: Fredric Price

An Interview with the Publisher

Modern Jewish literature is not only about the past, and newer generations are finding their uniquely Jewish voices that also have universal appeal. Fig Tree Books specializes in what they call the American Jewish Experience. We’ll let publisher Fredric Price explain what is meant by that term.

Fredric Price
Fredric Price
First, can you give us a working definition of a “Jewish book,“ since the American Jewish Experience (AJE) is wide ranging? When we’re considering a manuscript for publication, we first think about how it fits within the definition of the AJE. For us—and of course, others might have their own definitions—the “Jewish experience” means engaging with what it means to be a Jewish American, or how one goes about his or her life practicing (or denying) his/her Judaism, or how one copes with Jewish identity, or deals with social/political/cultural issues associated with being Jewish or interactions between/among Jews and other groups.

Read the interview with Fredric Price of Fig Tree Books.


***The Sea Beach Line***, by Ben Nadler. “A brilliant and profound tale of one young man’s search for identity, and the stories we tell ourselves.”

***Prayers for the Living***, by Alan Cheuse. “The careful dance between the worthy and the regrettable helps the narration maintain balance, even as its characters careen toward their own ruination.”


***The Sea Beach Line***, by Ben Nadler. 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist.

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