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Best Fantasy/SciFi of 2014

With the world as it is, it’s no surprise that dystopian fiction continued to reign in 2014. But our collection of the best indie fantasy and science fiction of the year features vampires, werewolves, demons, aliens, and ancient mythology as well. In a genre that can often feel saturated, we’ve done the work of picking out the cream of the crop for you.


Chimpanzee by Darin Bradley (Resurrection House)
Both heart-pounding and intelligent, this dystopian thriller has the best of both worlds.

cold earth wanderers

Cold Earth Wanderers by Peter Wortsman (Pelekinesis)
A mother and son’s parallel journey and serious social commentary elevate this novel above other Orwellian dystopian books.

blood for the sun

Blood for the Sun by Errick A. Nunnally (Spence City)
The werewolf-vampire conflict is the backdrop to this paranormal mystery, but the writing elevates this tale to more than just a skillful blend of genres.

we leave together

We Leave Together by J. M. McDermott (Word Horde)
This heart-wrenching tale follows the final memories of a King’s man whose entire life has been affected by the existence of demons who walk the earth.


Resistance by Samit Basu (Titan Books)
Self-referential humor creates a refreshing metafictional world that paves the way for a well-balanced and entertaining superpowered adventure.

the leopard

The Leopard by K. V. Johansen (Pyr)
Ancient and medieval history inform the setting and characters of this intelligently constructed world.

chicago, the windigo city

Chicago, the Windigo City by Mark Everett Stone (Camel Press)
Urban fantasy infused with Native American legend takes an excursion into the bloody horror genre in this fast-paced, exciting story.

solomon the peacemaker

Solomon the Peacemaker by Hunter Welles (Cowcatcher Press)
Strong writing transforms terrorists and freedom fighters into complex, believable characters in this powerful dystopian nightmare.

feast of fates

Feast of Fates by Christian A. Brown (CreateSpace)
Brown writes each character in this thrilling epic fantasy with passion and heart, and within the action and suspense are tales of love and loss.


Maker by Erec Stebbins (Twice Pi Press)
Exploratory fiction at its most powerful and intelligent, Maker will challenge and reward all those who have ever wanted to believe in almost anything.

Allyce Amidon

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