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Book Review

Slay Me Tender

In the genre of detective fiction, it’s hard to find a truly original shamus that isn’t based on characters like Raymond Chandler’s hard-boiled Philip Marlowe or Patricia... Read More

Book Review

Mommy Deadest

Like a good detective, the latest Meg Darcy mystery hits the ground running and barely takes time to look back. In the first scene, the tough but lovable Darcy is frolicking in... Read More

Book Review

Queer Japan

“The first time I ever fell in love with someone was in my first year of junior high. It was a girl in my class, and even after coming home from school I would think of her... Read More

Book Review

Killing At The Cat

Question: Can a book about a lesbian investigating the murder of a lesbian in a lesbian bar where 99 percent of the suspects are lesbians appeal to anybody but lesbians? In the... Read More