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At Blackwater Pond

It is not essential to have recordings of great poets reading their verse, but it certainly is wondrous. Only in the last 100 years have listeners been able to hear poets’... Read More

Book Review

Getting On Message

Recently, anyone who mentions the word “Bible” in a political context is assumed to be approaching an issue from the right … the religious right. This assessment is not... Read More

Book Review

The End of Homework

“Over and over again have I had to send my own children, in spite of their tears and remonstrances, to bed, long after the assigned tasks had ceased to have any educational... Read More

Book Review

Song for Anninho

Sometimes casting itself up among the clouds, sometimes caught in terse humidity, this long poem, a love song, rises and falls in “raw time.” With grace and clear vision,... Read More

Book Review

Queen of the Mist

As runner-up for Poetry Society’s Alice Fay di Castagnola Award, this is a beautiful narrative poem about Annie Taylor, the intrepid woman who, for the first time, shot... Read More

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