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The Power Book: What Is It, Who Has It, and Why?

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An examination of power structures from the playground to the global stage, The Power Book teaches children about historical movements, famous leaders, and the endless possibilities within themselves. Minimalist illustrations accompany small bios on figures as diverse as Taylor Swift and Sojourner Truth, as well as lending a visual companion to explanations of complex issues like bullying and gender stereotypes. Organized into four categories—Everyday Power, World-Changing Power, What Affects a Person’s Power?, and Your Power—the book seeks to distill challenging concepts like racism and answer questions such as “What Is War For?” in a way children can understand, but avoids speaking down to its audience or glossing over difficult subject matter. The Power Book is a gentle primer on sociological and philosophical ideas and dilemmas for parents looking for a helping hand answering complicated questions.

The Power Book: What Is It, Who Has It, and Why?
Claire Saunders, Hazel Songhurst, Georgia Amson-Bradshaw, Minna Salami, Mik Scarlet
Ivy Kids
Hardcover $19.99 (64pp)

Danielle Ballantyne

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