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Power Shift: The Longest Revolution

Lit Hit: Power Shift: The Longest Revolution

Renowned journalist and activist Sally Armstrong has done it again with her global examination of the place and progress of women, Power Shift: The Longest Revolution. Beginning with a brief overview of the history and foundation of women’s rights leading into the modern era, Armstrong dives into the present fourth wave of feminism, beginning in 2012 with the surge of social media that enabled international reach and sharing like never before. Malala becomes a household name, #MeToo circles the world in the time it takes to retweet, and instances of sexism and injustice are dragged out from their shadowy corners for the world to righteously malign. No topic is off-limits for Armstrong, from the evolution of sexual empowerment to the changing roles of women within religion, and her journalistic background shines with numerous sources from the realms of social science, politics, and literature, among others. Celebrating our accomplishments without sacrificing frankness about the work still to be done, Power Shift is a valuable commentary on the evolution of gender equality.

Power Shift: The Longest Revolution
Sally Armstrong
Paperback $15.95 (304pp)

Danielle Ballantyne

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