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Foreword Publisher's Note January 2021

Harriet Tubman statue

How to Heal

Victoria Sutherland
I’m certain that I am not alone in thinking that things could not possibly get any worse than the year we had in 2020, when, quite impossibly, they just did.

Last week’s introduction to 2021 was a stark reminder that words are not only consequential, but can encourage violence and do lasting damage to democracy. For those of us where words provide livelihoods, I can’t help but wonder if cancelled book contracts and suspended social media accounts will be enough to subvert four years of harmful rhetoric. I’m sleepless conjuring lists of ways to make a difference, and while overwhelmed at the enormity of it all, it’s important to keep trying, no matter how small the efforts may seem.

I watched the movie Harriet on a flight home last night. Inspired by her actions and her words, I find the following quote comforting, knowing the odds she overcame:

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.—Harriet Tubman

With the business of publishing still in a state of flux despite the sales increases, Foreword continues to flow with the changing tides. Cancelled physical trade shows are propelling us to host and attend virtual meetups, and I hope to see you at one of our panels at Pubwest and IBPA, and at a virtual roundtable or podcast in between. Our fingers are crossed for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy, our first in-person international event planned for June.

Here are some deadlines worth noting:

January 15th: 2020 INDIES BOOK AWARDS SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE. We need your books in our office (or ebooks emailed) by January 31. Fifty-five categories are featured. Finalists will be announced in March, Winners in June. A nod from Foreword will not only be a boost in sales, but reward the hard work of your team and your authors.

January 15th: MAY/JUNE EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS DUE. Please send your forthcoming late spring/early summer titles to Michelle Schingler via pdf, or physical copies to our offices at 413 E. Eighth Street, Traverse City, MI 49686. In addition to our usual reviews in all genres, we’ll be featuring category closeups on Body/Mind/Spirit, Travel, Debut Fiction, with an LGBTQ+ Spotlight.

January 29th: MARCH/APRIL ADVERTISING DEADLINE. If you have a title or two you’d like to showcase through marketing in the magazine, please let Stacy or I know soon. This issue will feature Biography, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, an Expanded Children’s and YA Book section, and a Women’s Issues Spotlight. Materials will be due February 9th, with an on sale date of March 1. Your ad will appear in both print and online editions.

As always, you can keep up with the best books from indie presses by subscribing to our newsletters and checking out the book of the day suggestions noted on our website.

Stay safe and healthy. Please let us know your ideas on how to help you do your own small bits to change the world.

Victoria Sutherland, Publisher

Victoria Sutherland

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