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Dogs vs. Ice Cream

Dogs vs. Ice Cream cover


Ring in the dog days of summer with, well, dogs in Diana Lundin’s hilarious and heartwarming photo book Dogs vs. Ice Cream. From coiffed golden retrievers to graying pugs, dozens of furry friends get their supermodel moment enjoying a refreshing—and dairy-free—ice cream cone, in varying degrees of success. Bright backgrounds set off the professional portraits, adding whimsical pops of color to contrast the dogs’ fur and accent the occasional pink tongue. Distinct pet personalities are on full display as they savor every lick, cringe with brain freeze, or brave the all-in-one approach, revealing a new detail with every return trip through the close-‘pup’ and personal shots. Required viewing for fans of man’s best friend, Dogs vs. Ice Cream is a crowd-pleasing addition to any coffee table collection—that is, if you can ever put it down!

Dogs vs. Ice Cream, Diana Lundin, Familius. Hardcover $14.99 (152pp), 9781641701426

Danielle Ballantyne

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