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An Urgent Need for Authors of Color

by Mya Alexice

We find ourselves at a time of great political uncertainty, when ideologies once thought distant are again clashing for power. At first glance, so much progress blossomed in the last decade. America saw its first black president.... Read More


Music as Muse, The Essayist Rocks and Rolls

by Jon Arlan

Earlier this fall, we were stunned to come across They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us, a mindbogglingly good new collection by Hanif Abdurraqib. MTV music critic by day, poet/essayist by Columbus, Ohio, moonlight, Abdurraqib’s work... Read More


Will Our New Gods Repent and Seek Consent?

by Hannah Hohman

Let me be dramatic for a moment to consider the sacrilegious idea that celebrities have replaced our gods, at least for those of us who are more heathenistic. We idolize them, envy them, feel as though we know them. The curtain is being... Read More

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