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  • Season's Greetings

    The award season is heating up!

    Have you entered the independent publishing industry's most esteemed awards program?


  • Reviewers' Choice: Favorite Books of 2017

    In this season of reminiscence, we’re returning to one of our most popular blogs ever: Reviewers’ Choice, in which a handful of Foreword’s top reviewers recommend their favorite couple books of the year.

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  • Front and Center

    Biographies Showcase the Theater of Life

    These eight biographies have little in common, but each is the tale of a life worth examining.

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  • Love on the Move

    How do you measure love? By its intensity, its capacity to change the world? This fall’s indie romances ask readers to see differently, appreciate the unfamiliar, and fall in love with what’s new and dazzling.

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  • Wisdom, Health, and Cosmic Connection

    This collection of books touches on all those possibilities and beyond, from a look at the esoteric roots of 1960s music to a call for more diversity in Western Buddhism.

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Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

Cyril Pedrosa transforms his personal experience of discovering family roots into a semi-autobiographical masterpiece, the award-winning graphic novel "Portugal". The fictionalized protagonist is Simon Muchat, who finds himself... Read More

Book Review

Votes for Women!

by Meg Nola

Winifred Conkling’s "Votes for Women!" details the arduous struggle for women’s suffrage in America with compelling biographical profiles of some of the movement’s key figures. Beginning with the earlier part of the suffrage... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

Curtis Wiklund captures the simple, intimate moments that make up a loving relationship in his moving collection of illustrations, "Us". The book is the result of Wiklund’s project dedicated to documenting his life by drawing a picture... Read More


Reviewers' Choice: Favorite Books of 2017

by Matt Sutherland

Did you know Foreword‘s editorial team gives every one of our reviewers carte blanche permission to kill a review if the reviewer can’t highly recommend the book to readers? It’s true—we refuse to waste valuable editorial space... Read More

Book Review

Seb and the Sun

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Far to the north where winter chases the sun away and the days are dark and drab, Seb and his friend Walrus conspire to bring light and warmth to their snowy coastal town. Beautifully depicted scenes full of murky shadow and softly... Read More

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