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Time Next

Book Two of the Time Zero Trilogy

In this sequel to the award-winning Time Zero, Mina and her friends have been taken in by the Unbound, a modern community that alleges to protect them. Mina, however, becomes increasingly nervous as she and her friends are forced apart and she's asked to alter her clothing, behavior, and even her faith. Grappling with her identity, she slowly discovers the Unbound's dark intentions. "A must-read for any resistance-minded young-adult." - Emily Linden, Teen Vogue

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Carolyn Cohagan
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Mar 15, 2018
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Mina returns in "Time Next", the harrowing second installment in the Time Zero trilogy. Mina has just escaped her life as a Propheteer. If there’s anything her time as a rebel taught her, it’s to trust no one. Those who wish her harm are at a distance now; still, as she enters the world of... Read More