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The Wasteland

Eliot is a hollow man trapped in a London bank in the 1920s. One day, Eliot intervenes to save a man being badly beaten. He discovers Jack, an out and proud gay man. Jack introduces Eliot to the gay underground and unleashes a torrent of creativity that begins to transform his life. Eliot finds that as his fame increases, pressure for conformity increases as well. Religious intolerance, increasing Fascist inspired anti-gay violence, and an ever brighter public spotlight push him to sacrifice.

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William Roetzheim <>
Book Website
Harper Jameson and W.A.W. Parker (contributor)
Level 4 Press
Publication Date
Sep 28, 2020
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Strained from historical fact, "The Wasteland" is a fictionalized glimpse into the conflicted mind of T. S. Eliot. Starting with his time working in a bank and traveling to the publication of β€œThe Waste Land,” the novel reads like a stream-of-consciousness account of an eventful period in... Read More