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China Children's Book Fair

Children’s Picture Books, Young Adult, and Juvenile Fiction and Nonfiction continue to see strong global foreign rights sales. As an indication, each spring the Bologna Book Fair in Italy crowds an agents calendar with four full days of fruitful appointments. But let’s consider China for a moment:

  • 1.2 billion people

  • 10 million fluent English readers

  • 300 million in the process of learning English

  • 90 percent of children’s books are imported

  • children’s book sales in 2012 increased 35.6% over the same period in 2011

With these statistics in mind, the Chinese government has decided to subsidize a new children’s book event in Shanghai in November of 2013. Organized by GAPP, China’s highest authority for the management of publishing (read: government approved), along with China Educational Publications Import and Export Corporation (CEPIEC), attending publishers from around the world will find a very targeted group of publishing houses and agents from China and Asia at large. Foreword Reviews will be there in a promising joint venture with Children’s Books USA (CBUSA,

We welcome the opportunity to represent you in one of several ways: showcase your single title, offer a shelf for five of your titles, or organize a larger space through our turnkey service CBUSA (includes reserving display panels or private booth, bookshelves, tables/chairs, carpet, shipping, registration and catalog.) Fee per title is $199; one shelf costs $796; one panel (three shelves) with signage $1995; two panels (six shelves) with meeting space starts at $2995.

How to Register

Books can be registered for a trade show via the Register Books button on this page. Your receipt will contain details about how to get your book to us. If you have any questions, check our FAQ or call us at 231.933.3699.