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Bologna Children's Book Fair

The best foreign rights exposure for children’s books publishers is to participate in the annual Bologna Children’s Book Fair: nearly 25,000 international professional trade reps and agents from 75 countries scouting for gems and doing deals on a 20,000 square meter show floor. In Bolognese book-speak, children’s books implies picture books, and the show floors of the Bologna fiere are awash with some of the most astounding art and talented artists anywhere.

Under the best of circumstances, by exhibiting in Bologna your top titles might generate rights interest with publishers from several countries (typically, a foreign rights deal includes a non-refundable advance and a royalty rate of 7 – 8%.) So, with no out of pocket expense – except for the exhibit fee to have your title displayed at the Foreword booth – you stand to earn an unexpected windfall. Representatives from Foreword direct visiting agents and reps to the appropriate shelves (books are arranged by genre) and collect business cards and contact information when interest in a certain title is expressed. Foreword will then pass on the contact info to the corresponding publisher. Your title will also receive a listing in the print version of the show guide; rigorously studied by agents before the actual event.

How to Register

Books can be registered for a trade show via the Register Books button on this page. Your receipt will contain details about how to get your book to us. If you have any questions, check our FAQ or call us at 231.933.3699.