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Clarion Review

Objective. Credible. Professionally written. For thirteen years, librarians and booksellers have relied on Clarion as one of a very few trusted sources for reviews of self-published books. Using a team of more than one hundred qualified reviewers, Clarion has an always-express delivery time of 4-6 weeks for 450-word reviews that critique all aspects of your book. Your review will be posted on Foreword Reviews’ high-traffic website (with your permission) and licensed to book wholesalers serving thousands of librarians and booksellers. Register, send us a printed copy or digital version, and you’ll soon have the written credibility you need to sell your book to the wider world.

Foreword Review

Foreword’s pre-publication reviews allow publishers to synchronize their books’ advance publicity campaigns with the release of reviews—to create as much buzz as possible for their new titles. To be considered for a review in the pages of Foreword Reviews, the title in question must be received in the Foreword offices at least three months prior to the book’s firm publication date. Foreword’s editor-in-chief will then carefully analyze whether the project meets our editorial requirements.