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Book of the Year Awards Seals

Did one of your titles win a Book of the Year Award? Make it immediately recognizable with our handsome Embossed Foil Seals. Richly struck on heavy metal foil, these oval-shaped seals give testimony to the book’s quality, visibility, and editorial excellence.

Once an award winner, always an award winner.

Don’t overlook a great opportunity to buy seals for past award-winning titles. Breathe new life into backlisted titles by strategically placing seals on your book cover. They’re a marketing-must for book signings!

How to Purchase

Book of the Year Award Seals can be purchased via the Purchase Seals button on this page. If you have any questions, check our FAQ or call us at 231.933.3699.


Digital Imprint
99.00 — (free with >500 foil seals)

Foil Seals
250+: 0.35 each

Shipping & Handling (domestic)
250+: 5.00
1,500+: 6.00
5,000+: 7.50
10,000+: 10.00

Shipping & Handling (international)
250+: 10.00