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Book of the Year Awards

Notwithstanding our company name, every year Foreword looks back to the best books of the previous year. The Foreword Book of the Year competition provides publishers with a valuable opportunity to breathe new life into the promotion of a distinguished title. These fiercely contested awards are viewed by librarians and booksellers as an important statement about a title they might have overlooked. For over thirteen years, savvy publishers have used the gold, silver, and bronze awards as additional marketing material as their titles drift toward the backlist.

Book of the Year Awards Seals

Did one of your titles win a Book of the Year Award? Make it immediately recognizable with our handsome Embossed Foil Seals. Richly struck on heavy metal foil, these oval-shaped seals give testimony to the book’s quality, visibility, and editorial excellence. Don’t overlook a great opportunity to buy seals for past award-winning titles. Breathe new life into backlisted titles by strategically placing seals on your book cover.