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2015 Finalist for Picture Books, Early Reader

Book Review

I Want Cake!

by Beth VanHouten

A delectable picture book, "I Want Cake!" will capture children’s attention and dazzle with beautiful illustrations. Spectacular layered illustrations and a playful story combine in "I Want Cake!", a deliciously entertaining... Read More

2015 Finalist for Picture Books, Early Reader

Book Review

What My Mother Gave Me

by Heather Weber

“A single gift can easily tell the story of an entire life,” writes Elizabeth Benedict, editor of and contributor to the anthology "What My Mother Gave Me". In the book’s case, a single gift has the ability to tell the story of two... Read More


All the Wild Hungers

by Katie Asher

Reviewer Katie Asher Talks Sorrow and Scalded Rye Bread with Karen Babine, Author of All the Wild Hungers: A Season of Cooking and Cancer / Have you felt it yet—the urge to know more about your parents and their parents and your... Read More

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