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Book Review

Surviving Job Stress

Many people don’t realize that stress can cause unpredictable results. Besides the obvious physical symptoms, stress can result in other actions that can be just as detrimental. Not recognizing the symptoms early can cause a person to... Read More

Book Review

Stress Pandemic

by Elizabeth Millard

Anyone who’s been in a traffic jam for even a few minutes can feel the effects of a stress level surge, but what happens when that edginess and tension linger throughout the day? Author Paul Huljich (Betrayal of Love and Freedom) knows... Read More

Book Review

Stop the Stress Habit

by Sarah White

If you change the way you think, you can change the way you feel. This is a common argument in self-improvement books these days, and one that forms the basis of Dr. Leslie Torburn’s Stop the Stress Habit: Change Your Perceptions and... Read More

Book Review

Past Tense

by Sheila M. Trask

Whether it’s a demanding work load, an exasperating relationship, or simply getting dinner on the table, there are tools available to ease the pressure. Shawn Kilgarlin and her husband and business partner, Ron Kilgarlin, have composed... Read More

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