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Book Review

Your Turn

by Aimee Jodoin

Strongest in its memoir aspects, "Your Turn" excels in exploring the myriad ways that storytelling can improve and encourage appreciative living. Tyra Manning’s memoir and self-help book "Your Turn" focuses on successful methods for... Read More

Book Review

From Grief to Acceptance

by Kristine Morris

"From Grief to Acceptance" is a comforting text that paves the way toward healing from loss. Misty Proffitt-Thompson’s active, empowering, and healing "From Grief to Acceptance" suggests steps for navigating the grieving process while... Read More

Book Review

Change Your World

by Susan Waggoner

With clinical expertise, "Change Your World" opines on the failure of self-help methods that focus on individual motivation and calls for fostering resilience instead. Michael Ungar’s "Change Your World" argues that resilience is key... Read More

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