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Book Review

The Lone Sailboat

by Eileen Gonzalez

The political science tract "The Lone Sailboat" critiques contemporary America with vigor. In his political science book "The Lone Sailboat", Edward Korczynski explains his opinions on the issues affecting modern America. As Korczynski... Read More

Book Review

Government 2.0

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Government 2.0" is a political science manifesto about how America’s government can best serve its citizens. Joseph Albert Gorski’s "Government 2.0" is a personal statement about what’s wrong with the US’s government; it... Read More

Book Review

Let Us Vote!

by Jeff Fleischer

In 1971, the ratification of the 26th Amendment lowered the voting age from twenty-one to eighteen. Jennifer Frost’s thorough, valuable "Let Us Vote!" celebrates the amendment’s semicentennial by chronicling the long struggle to pass... Read More

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