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Book Review

Punks in Peoria

by Joseph S. Pete

"Punks in Peoria" pays unabashed, joyful homage to the punk rock scene in an average Rust Belt town. Charting the rise of punk bands in the music market between Chicago and St. Louis, where many young people felt dissatisfied with their... Read More

Book Review

The Just

by Erika Harlitz Kern

Jan Brokken’s history text "The Just" documents a rescue operation to save Jews from the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Lithuania. When Jan Zwartendijk became the branch manager of the Dutch company Philips in Lithuania, he had no idea... Read More

Book Review

Bad Faith

by Jeremiah Rood

Randall Balmer’s "Bad Faith" is a fascinating historical overview of the true origins of the Religious Right in America. The book begins in a conference room, where US evangelical leaders gather to mark the rise of Ronald Reagan’s... Read More

Book Review

Winged Bull

by Eileen Gonzalez

Jeff Pearce recounts the life and exploits of versatile English explorer, politician, and diplomat Henry Layard in "Winged Bull". Always restless, Layard set out for Sri Lanka in 1839 at the age of twenty-two. He never arrived.... Read More

Book Review

The Secret History of Here

by Wendy Hinman

In his joyous book "The Secret History of Here", Alistair Moffat uncovers the rich history, and natural wonders, surrounding his Scottish border farm. Moffat’s observations and discoveries come through descriptive diary entries that... Read More

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