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Book Review

Life after Law School

by Joseph S. Pete

In the musing novel "Life after Law School", a Sudanese immigrant overcomes adversity to become a lawyer while confronting racial bias in an unequal society. In Peter Gaisiance’s novel "Life after Law School", an immigrant pursues a... Read More

Book Review

Cari Moses

by Claire Foster

"Cari Moses" is an intricate, winding thriller in which the lives of a community of strangers reveal a primal desire. Judith Tyler Hills’s novel "Cari Moses" is an ensemble psychological thriller set in rural England. In the... Read More

Book Review

A Wonderful Place to Die

by Mari Carlson

"A Wonderful Place to Die" is an insightful novel that centers on the victims and survivors of addiction. In MJ Biggs’s novel "A Wonderful Place to Die", a Ohio girl comes of age amid the opioid epidemic. Dani is an Italian teenager... Read More

Book Review


by Mari Carlson

"Midland" is a resounding, redemptive novel about healing from a tragedy. In Ross Breithaupt’s measured novel "Midland", a young man works to heal following his brother’s suicide. In the 1980s, ten years after his brother jumped to... Read More

Book Review

Foreign Teachers

by Rachel Jagareski

"Foreign Teachers" is a resonant novel about an East-West culture clash, seen through the eyes of a crude expat. Sam Wade’s satirical novel "Foreign Teachers" peeks under the veneer of the private schools attended by contemporary... Read More

Book Review

Letters to Amelia

by Mari Carlson

Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s debut novel "Letters to Amelia" explores love and grief through correspondence. Just as Jamie, her boyfriend of seven years, leaves her, Grace, a Toronto library technician, receives a new work assignment. Without... Read More

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