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Book Review

Phoenix Flame

by Eileen Gonzalez

A teenage girl fights to save her family and an entire realm in Sara Holland’s young adult fantasy novel, "Phoenix Flame". Maddie always thought that the inhabitants of Solaria were an evil, dangerous race. Now that she knows the... Read More

Book Review

A Light from Below

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

"A Light from Below" is an action-packed high fantasy novel that deals with the spectre of a coming war. In Chadham Thomas’s fantasy novel "A Light from Below", war is coming to a peaceful nation, but the one person who knows about it... Read More

Book Review

The Moreva of Astoreth

by Jeremiah Rood

"The Moreva of Astoreth" is a heartrending romantic fantasy novel in which love proves to be a bridge across cultures. In Roxanne Bland’s layered fantasy novel "The Moreva of Astoreth", a down-on-her-luck love goddess learns about the... Read More

Book Review

A Drowned Kingdom

by John M. Murray

"A Drowned Kingdom" is a faith-based fantasy novel in which a prince from a lost kingdom fights for dominance in a new land. In P. L. Stuart’s contemplative fantasy novel "A Drowned Kingdom", a fallen kingdom gives rise to a legend.... Read More

Book Review

Immortal Blood

by John M. Murray

Set in a rich realm between the magical and the mundane, the fantasy novel "Immortal Blood" finds a young man facing a supernatural assault on his lineage. In Shawna Bennett’s swift fantasy novel "Immortal Blood", a family prepares to... Read More

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