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Book Review


by Meg Nola

In Anna Dorn’s "Vagablonde", Prue, a Los Angeles lawyer, hopes to wean herself off of various psychotropic prescriptions. Prue is also an aspiring rapper, despite the fact that she is bourgeois and has “the coloring of a Nazi.” As... Read More

Book Review

Stone Motel

by Laura Leavitt

Set in the wilds of rural Louisiana, "Stone Motel" brims with joy and pain. Morris Ardoin’s memoir is filled with snapshots of Cajun life, labyrinthine in their detail. Ardoin’s parents were blue-collar professionals who pooled their... Read More

Book Review

The Anarchists' Club

by Karen Rigby

In The Anarchists’ Club, Alex Reeve brings back his large-hearted Victorian sleuth, Leo Stanhope, a transgender man who’s swept into a loury London murder case. When a stranger’s body is found at the Social and Democratic... Read More

Book Review

The Last Place You Look

by Eileen Gonzalez

Two small-town lesbians embark on an old-fashioned courtship in Aurora Rey’s heartwarming romance, "The Last Place You Look". After her marriage implodes, Julia moves back to her hometown and goes to work in her parents’ winery,... Read More

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