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Book Review

Ghosts of the Past

by Benjamin Welton

In the charming historical thriller "Ghosts of the Past", a man hunts for a rumored Nazi treasure—but he has competition. Mark Downer’s "Ghosts of the Past" is an exhilarating and labyrinthine thriller centered around a large hunt... Read More

Book Review


by Delia Stanley

In the science fiction novel "Brainstorm", an ordinary man develops extraordinary powers, but still manages to approach his traumas with humor and heart. In Joe Kremer’s science fiction novel "Brainstorm", an EMT obtains extraordinary... Read More

Book Review

After All

by Eileen Gonzalez

"After All" is a historical novel full of talented liars, alluring places, and plot points drawn from real life. In Robert Arthur Neff’s historical novel "After All", intrigue and romance collide in post-World War II South America.... Read More

Book Review

On Civility

by Peter Dabbene

"On Civility" is an elegant poetic guide for developing a personal philosophy. John-Robert Curtin’s "On Civility" is an insightful, instructive collection of poetry. Curtin’s prose poems are philosophical, drawing on his experiences... Read More

2012 Finalist for Autobiography & Memoir

Book Review

Über Alles

by Lisa A. Flowers

This moving and riveting historical narrative is entertaining and readable, and is bound to appeal to anyone who appreciates a great story. Robert Arthur Neff’s "Über Alles" is a fully absorbing blend of history and fiction, an... Read More

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