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Book Review

Vodka Caliphate

by Joseph S. Pete

The fast-paced "Vodka Caliphate" is fun from beginning to end, and will appeal to anyone interested in geopolitics. Lee A. Sweetapple’s "Vodka Caliphate", the latest installment in the Jim Stillwater series, stands out as an action... Read More

Book Review

WASP Sting

by Sara Budzik

"WASP Sting" is an easygoing story about the planes of WWII and the bravery of the pilots who flew them. With a shifty balance of romantic tension and authentic military flight knowledge, Lee A. Sweetapple’s "WASP Sting" is a... Read More

Book Review

Templar Codes

by Lynn Evarts

Quick-change settings in this international thriller have the good guys and bad guys code-breaking around Europe. When artifacts that appear to identify the tribes of Israel are stolen, Jim Stillwater, a contractor working for the US... Read More

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