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2014 Finalist for Anthologies

2014 Finalist for Short Stories

Book Review

River Talk

by Lee Polevoi

Person and place intersect to offer insight into what dysfunction, within both individuals and families, reveals about us. The characters in C. B. Anderson’s impressive collection "River Talk" live in and around western Maine’s river... Read More

Book Review

Vlad Dracula

by Sonya Lovy

The Dracula we’ve never known was more than just a bloodsucker; Augustyn gives us the details. To most, the name Dracula calls up old black-and-white horror movies, as well as the pop cultural artifacts they spawned, that feature this... Read More

Book Review

Memories and Scenes

by Matt Sutherland

Der zhargon, the jargon—that’s how Yiddish was dismissed in the mid-nineteenth century in Eastern Europe, and the few who authored books in the language of the Jewish street caused peals of cynical laughter to rattle the university... Read More

Book Review


by Sheila M. Trask

Avid readers of erotica will appreciate the titillating tidbits in Dale’s highly charged memoir. Leon Dale’s explicit memoir of sexual awakening holds nothing back. In "Colours", the first-time author chronicles his life under the... Read More

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