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Book Review

Defy the Night

by Leia Menlove

Sometimes parents just don’t understand…that kids just want to save the world. In the Munn mother/daughter premier novel, "Defy the Night", a young heroine named Magali risks her life to rescue children from deadly Nazi internment... Read More

Book Review

Little Seed

by Aimee Jodoin

Following the journey of a seed from autumn through winter to spring, this gentle story subtly reinforces the trustworthiness of nature. Rich illustrations depict the beauty each season has to offer, as well as the roles of some... Read More

Book Review

Blue Ravens

by Karl Helicher

Characters intrigue and danger incites emotion as two Native American brothers navigate the effects of World War I. The bitter legacy of World War I included hundreds of thousands of casualties of poison gas, bullets, and influenza.... Read More

Book Review

Memories of Development

by Trina Carter

Anguishing in old age, this vivid character documents his fragmented memory of a childhood in Cuba and an art career in rural America. “I know that memories wrinkle and spoil even more than the flesh—and I know they lie.” So... Read More

Book Review

Blood Money

by Jill Allen

Russell expertly interweaves his medical knowledge with suspense to start Mackie’s series of books off with a resounding bang. "Blood Money", the thrilling debut mystery from Stephen Russell, plunges into an intriguing ride of murder,... Read More

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