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2012 Finalist for Science Fiction

2012 GOLD Winner for History

Book Review

Njinga "The Warrior Queen"

Girl power through the lens of history. Part of The Thinking Girl’s Treasury of Dastardly Dames, West African Njinga reveals her intellectual might as she wars with the Portuguese invaders over the lucrative slave trade. Fascinating... Read More

Book Review

The Collection

by Peter Dabbene

On the bookstore shelves today, there are many historical thrillers and science-fiction thrillers, with too many subcategories to mention. Chris Monaghan’s "The Collection" marries the historical and scientific into one eventful,... Read More

Book Review

Napoleon's Penis

by Mark McLaughlin

The charming and, at times, hilarious preface and opening chapters aside, Dr. Stanley M. Bierman’s Napoleon’s Penis does not quite live up to the promise of its title and subtitle. A collection of thirty-seven essays culled from a... Read More

Book Review

Twenty One Days Later

by Karen Rigby

Twenty-One Days Later chronicles Tony Baccarini’s three-week stay at Kenilworth Clinic, a psychiatric institution in Cape Town, South Africa. Most of the poems revolve around staff, fellow patients, the author’s treatment for bipolar... Read More

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