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2010 BRONZE Winner for Religion

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Book Review

Empty Pleasures

by Elizabeth Millard

Available on the table of nearly every restaurant, those little blue, pink, and yellow packets are far more than powder for sweetening coffee—according to author Carolyn de la Peña, they represent a snapshot of American culture and... Read More

Book Review

You're Stronger Than You Think

by Diane Gardner

The weight of the world presses down. We know we can’t possibly take one more thing. Then the phone rings. Or we view our dreams from afar and believe that achieving them is impossible. The obstacles loom like Mount Everest. Yet, as... Read More

Book Review

The Church and Abortion

by John Michael Senger

Dr. George Dennis O’Brien agrees with the American Catholic bishops that abortion is an intrinsic evil but, after that, there is little agreement on this issue: “While it sounds harsh, abortion is an intrinsic evil, though one that... Read More

Book Review

Iteration Nets

by Claire Rudy Foster

The ghost of Sylvia Plath seems to hover gently over Karla Kelsey’s newest offering, "Iteration Nets". With a lyrical ease and an interest in linking and exploding traditional forms, Kelsey is clearly an heir to Plath’s intensity.... Read More

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