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Book Review

The BBC Talks of E.M. Forster, 1929-1960

by Peter Skinner

Mesdames Lago, Hughes, and Walls, in their excellently edited volume of E.M. Forster’s radio-talk scripts, take us back to a golden age of low-key, quietly thoughtful, and gently mind-broadening book talks: no celebrity-driven ratings... Read More

Book Review

Creativity in Psychotherapy

by E. James Lieberman

Therapy and creativity go hand-in-hand. But this excellent book may cause consternation for those in the mental health field who want psychotherapy to be standardized and predictable-think of managed care! Creativity represents the... Read More

Book Review

One Writer's Imagination

by Erik Bledsoe

When Eudora Welty died last year, American letters lost one of its greatest treasures. Welty has long attracted the attention of critics and scholars, but Marrs has authored the first full-length study to appear after her death,... Read More

Book Review

Conscious Business

by Pam Kingsbury

Embarrassed by his naivete and lack of awareness, the author has found a way to teach consciousness as a “basic human or life skill” in the business world. Opting to teach “product thinking as process thinking” (what cynics might... Read More

Book Review

Luisa and the Silence

“Only to a few, and they are very few, does an extraordinary life come; all the others must be satisfied with what they have.” Luisa, an aging accountant for a toy firm in Italy where she lives, deems herself satisfied with her... Read More

Book Review

The Gift by H.D

by Nelly Heitman

For those scholars, poets, students of feminist literature and other followers of Hilda Doolittle’s poetry comes the definitive publication of her autobiographical work—finally available in its uncut, minimally revised form. The Gift... Read More

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