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Book Review

Twilight of the White Rajahs

by Mark McLaughlin

Borneo’s last colonial rulers are portrayed as a lusty lot in this exposé of a little-known story set in a remote, exotic land. The “White Rajahs,” who ruled Sarawak on the north shore of Borneo, were a colorful and randy lot, as... Read More

Book Review


by Sheila M. Trask

Kids on the narrow end of the school resource pool, the tough cases, are given a human face by an author who has worked in the trenches. Experienced educator Simon Petrie reports from the trenches of Australian public schools with... Read More

Book Review

The Collection

by Peter Dabbene

On the bookstore shelves today, there are many historical thrillers and science-fiction thrillers, with too many subcategories to mention. Chris Monaghan’s "The Collection" marries the historical and scientific into one eventful,... Read More

Book Review

Dark Lily

by Jill Allen

"Dark Lily", the debut romance novel from Nina Navarre, combines ancient traditions, haunting islands, femme fatales, and the horror of history repeating itself. The story will be appreciated by romance lovers and mystery lovers alike.... Read More

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