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Book Review

Redemption Song

by John M. Murray

Ambitious in scope but centered on relationships, "Redemption Song" is a thoughtful work of science fiction. Henry A. Burns’s "Redemption Song" is a thoughtful, action-packed work of science fiction that ushers humanity into a new era... Read More

Book Review

Warrior Is

by Susan Waggoner

"Warrior Is" is a generous and openhearted sharing of cultures that illuminates American history. Set on the northern plains in the decades leading up to and including the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876, "Warrior Is", by Harley L.... Read More

Book Review

Wild Blue Ponders

by Gary Presley

These are thoroughly American tales—individualistic, friendly, and direct. With Wild Blue Ponders, Max Blue skillfully combines elements from his previous novels to deliver a new, chronological work about young American men and women... Read More

Book Review


by Amanda Adams

"PrimoDeus" is a relatable, thrilling, and epic exploration of the ravages of time. Ambitious in scope and sweeping in inclusion, "PrimoDeus" by John LaChance is a gripping, exploratory character drama with biblically high stakes. The... Read More

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